Bat User's Guide

The User's guide, for the Bacula Administration Tool.

Welcome to the BAT


The Console Interface

The Clients Interface

The FileSets Interface

The Jobs Interface

The JobList Interface

The JobPlot Interface

The Media Interface

The Storage Interface

The two Restore Interfaces

What is the BAT.

Welcome to the Bacula Administration Tool. The bat is the graphical interface to communicate with and administer the bacula director daemon. If you have been using bacula for a while, you're familiar with bconsole, the text based interface to administer bacula. With bat, the user can perform any command that can be run from bconsole, and more.

The bat is bconsole with extra communication capabilities and a set of graphical user interfaces that utilize those capabilities. A bat programmer is able to create interfaces that interact with the director in all ways that a user can, by executing commands. When a command is entered by an interface, the bat types in the command in the console. Often times the interface visible is changed to the console so that the user can read the command as well as the resulting output from the director. Bat can also perform requests of the daemon, that the user would not normally do. These requests would include the ability to retrieve lists of various resources and to instruct the director to query the sql server. The director then forwards the query results to bat.