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unixODBC is...


unixODBC is an implementation of the ODBC standard which is;
  • open source
  • licensed under LGPL/GPL
  • community developed and community supported
  • proven with over a decade of active use/development

March 15th 2007
New look for unixodbc.org
The old web site was serving the project fine but it seemed like it was about time to make it all 'fresh'. We hope you find it more pleasing to use.
October 13th 2006
2.2.12 Released

Key features...


Software Development Kit (SDK) - Develop ODBC applications and drivers using the C language and the unixODBC SDK.

Driver Manager (DM)  - The unixODBC DM allows the end-User to switch data sources without recompiling/linking application source code. The application does not have to be linked to a specific vendors product.

Tools - unixODBC includes CrossPlatform command-line and GUI tools to make working with ODBC easy.

Applications typically link with the unixODBC Driver Manager (DM) which then uses the appropriate Driver to communicate with the data source. The DM understands ODBC but relies on the Driver to understand specifics of the data source.

The Driver is typically provided by the data source Vendor. The Driver understands ODBC and the specifics of the data source.


Applications built using unixODBC are compatible with the Microsoft implementation of ODBC. unixODBC is provided with all majour Linux distributions. unixODBC has been ported to all majour UNIX and UNIX-like platforms;
- Linux, Solaris, SGI, etc
- VMS, OS/2, etc

unixODBC supports drivers from all majour database vendors including;
- Oracle
- DB2
- Interbase
- Mimer
- others

unixODBC was developed by the open source community and is provided under the LGPL and GPL licenses. Commercial applications can be developed using unixODBC without paying for a license or royalty. Free support is provided by the community.
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